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Surfing & Food Tour in Manhattan Beach Are you a dreamer, beginner or Pro in Surfing? Join MB local and most popular Surfer, Heather and enjoy learning and surfing like never before.  Manhattan Beach Foodie destination Los Angeles times article said Manhattan Beach is a hub of all acclaimed Chef's. No wonder MB is famous for local grown, organic cuisines. Book your experience on Food Tours and enjoy South Bay beach city like never before. 

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There is absolutely nothing that excites in more than meeting new people, sharing stories, YES of-course listening to your stories and having a fun time. Join me on my Airbnb experience and let's hang out for 3+ hours and have a great time! Click to BOOK

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Have you ever noticed people who are open to food are open to making new friends, exploring new cultures, trying new things which they never though they would and ultimately reaching the top most sphere in their growth cycle which they never knew existed.

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